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Tales from Surreality

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Name:Tales from Surreality
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Community description:Tales from Surreality are stories set in the existence on the other side of dreams.
Our world is Reality, but when you pass through your dreams and emerge on the other side -- that is Surreality.

The world beyond city limits lies endless and empty, and the cities themselves are as haunted as they are inhabited. Crumbling ancient buildings rub shoulders with mile-high skyscrapers, wind howling like ghosts through both, entire districts of are consumed by rogue magic, and things worse than vampires roam the streets.

These are cities of dreams and nightmares, struggling on the knife's edge of entropy, where magic runs just under the veneer of high technology, where vampires walk unnoticed among the humans, and where ghouls haunt the dreams of the living.

These are cities that touch our reality but are not of it. Be careful of what doors you walk through -- you never know when you'll end up there.


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